Removing Data Barriers

Okta continuously improves administration features. Recent additions include new email notification options for administrative functions. These additions are helpful but customers often have more refined needs that require some development effort. Fortunately, the Okta system log API provides access to nearly any event you might want to monitor or use to extend reporting processes that add value in your organization and enhance information transparency.
While the Okta API provides integration capabilities for several security information and event management (SIEM) products, those solutions are generally focused on threat analysis and general monitoring.

Get and Update Okta Application Credentials for Assigned User

Much of my work lately involves interacting with the Okta API. It is a well documented API for those familiar with RESTful API development in their language of choice. If that doesn’t describe you (yet) then hopefully this post will help those of you with some R programming knowledge.
Scenario: You want to find out which credential a particular Okta user profile is using when accessing a specfic Okta application and change a credential value (in this example ‘userName’) if the current value doesn’t match the desired value.

Improved - Okta API and httr package

I finally had some time to revist and improve a past project. This example illustrates retrieving all Okta user profiles assigned to a given application in Okta. As outlined in my earlier post, Okta limits the number of records returned depending on the API request so follow their cursor based pagination URLs to return all records if the number exceeds the API limit.
There are many reasons why you might want to retrieve this data.

Okta API and the httr package

Okta is a popular single sign-on (SSO) service provider that enables secure application connections. It has a well documented API I reference when creating client reports based on data in their Okta instances.
REST API endpoint services typically limit the number of records returned per call via pagination. Okta API pagination is cursor based and pagination links are included in the link headers of responses. This basic example uses the httr and jsonlite packages to illustrate getting all records via a particular Okta API GET request by retrieving, parsing and following the link header values.